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4.5 "5" 7 "Lixa of fiber Metal cutting disc

4.5 ", 5", 7 "disc lixa in fiber cutting metal100x16codigo: PFD115AUtilizado for 4.5", 5", 7" machine of the angle, suitable for the market of Asia.aplicacion: used for 4.5 ", 5", 7 "machine

Product Details

4.5 ", 5", 7 "lixa in fiber disc of metal cutting
100 x 16
Code: PFD115A
Used for 4.5 ", 5", 7 "machine of the angle, suitable for the Asian market.

Used for 4.5 ", 5", 7 "machine of the angle, suitable for the Asian market.
Used for grinding products common rough polishing grinding fine in industry.
Versatile, hard aluminum oxide abrasive
Ideal for general purpose applications
Ideal for small sales and unit works
Economically, good prices for small workshops and general purpose applications

Advantages of the product
Long usage life
Unit accuracy
High cutting capacity
High performance flexible
Excellent abrasive grain

Rough grinding
Polishing of welds
Clean the burrs
Non-ferrous metal

Steel, cast iron
High alloyed steels
Structural steel
High strength structural steel
Alloy steel
Stainless steel

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