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  • 15DN0801 tool equipment
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    15DN0801 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0801 diamond saw blades game 25 piezasHoja of saw tooth segment-5 pieces of saw 115MMHoja continuous-5 parts 115MMHoja of sierra wavy-5 parts 115MMHoja
  • 15DN0802 tool equipment
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    15DN0802 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0802 logger of diamond - 6 pcsTaladros of Ф 107 X 150mm 1 Ф 52 X 150mm 1 pi piezaTaladros
  • 15DN0803 tool equipment
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    15DN0803 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0803 logger of diamond-10 piezasTaladro of hole Ф 127 X 170 mm - 1piezaTaladro hole Ф 117 X 170 mm - hole deФ 65 X 170 mm 1piezaTaladro - 1piezaTaladro
  • 15DN0804 tool equipment
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    15DN0804 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0804Talador of diamond - Ф127 X Ф hole 170mm1PCTaladro hole 11PCpcsTaladro Ф hole 170mm1PCTaladro 117 X 65 X Ф hole 170mm1PCTaladro
  • 15DN0805 tool equipment
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    15DN0805 tool equipment

    Article No.: Diamond Ф hole 9PCpcsTaladro 15DN0805Talador 127 X Ф hole 170mm1PCTaladro hole deФ 170mm1PCTaladro 65 X 38 X centering - 1 piece 10x200MM1PCLl 170mm1PCTaladro
  • 15DN0806 tool equipment
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    15DN0806 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0806 diamond-8 piezaspcsTaladro of Ф hole logger 107 X Ф hole 150mm1PCTaladro hole 150mm1PCTaladro 52 X of
  • 15DN0807 tool equipment
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    15DN0807 tool equipment

    Article No.: Diamond-7 piezaspcsTaladro of Ф hole 15DN0807Talador hole Ф 150mm1PCTaladro 38 X 52 X Ф hole 150mm1PCTaladro 65 X
  • Diamante(5pcs/set) logger
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    Diamante(5pcs/set) logger

    Article No.: 15DN0808 drill hole Ф hole Ф65x150mm1pcTaladro hole Ф52x150mm1pcTaladro hole Ф35x150mm1pcTaladro
  • Diamante(3pcs/set) logger
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    Diamante(3pcs/set) logger

    Article No.: 15DN0809Taladro hole Ф28x300mm1pcTaladro hole Ф52x150mm1pcTaladro hole hex Ф107x150mm1pcAdaptador of 200mm1pcAdaptador of 200mm1pc sds
  • 15DN0810 tool equipment
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    15DN0810 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0810Juego of diamond saw blades 2 piezasHoja saw tooth segment diamond of type T1pcEmbalaje tooth Sawblades 230mm1pcHoja: B.F.C
  • 15DN0811 tool equipment
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    15DN0811 tool equipment

    Item No.: 15DN0811Juego of diamond saw blades 24 piezasHoja of saw tooth 115MM 6 piezasHoja of saw tooth continuous 115MM 6 piezasHoja undulating 115MM 6
  • 15DN0812 tool equipment
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    15DN0812 tool equipment

    Article No.: 15DN0812Juego of diamond saw blades 5 piezasHoja of saw tooth by segmento-5 230mm1PCHoja of tooth tooth cont sierra 115MM1PCHoja sierra parts
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