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Design formula of Diamond cutter

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Head of performance diamond knives, main depends on design of parameter structure the structure parameter formula formula including diamond grade and grades of grain, and material concentration in the body of the tire group of tire body relationship relationship Yuan Yuan decided it has pneumatic body of strength, hardness and density of the Group and carry the sex and hardness in the design of the formula when , according to the process object's nature as a rock hardness, strength and weight of the particles and sexual force, technology of polishing process parameter method (cutting speed ir volume in volume of knife, line speed and knife) and quality requirements as efficiency of cutting, processing and taking into account the life and rational design.

Nature of the processed object considering formulation: hardness, resistance, fine grain and abrasive and high degree of use, fine particle size of diamond and the preparation of a high hardness, strength of softer rocks of channel, rough and abrasive particles is weak, low grades available, coarse grain size of diamond hardness, resistance and lower part of the body.

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