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Glossary of tools used and scope

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

1, (TiN) Titanium Nitride coating

Tin is a generic PVD coating improves tool hardness and high temperature oxidation. The coatings used in steel of high speed cutting tools or tools available very good effect.

2, coating ticn (TiCN)

TiCN coating adds carbon can improve surface hardness for better tools and lubricity, is ideal for cutting tools coating steel high speed.

3. nitrate nitrogen and of titanium titanium or aluminum (TiAlN/AlTiN) Aluminide coating

TiAlN/AlTiN coating of aluminium oxide formed in the process of high temperature of the tool life can be improved. Mainly used in dry or semi-dry machining of cemented carbide cutting tools can be operated by the lining. As they contain different proportions of aluminium and titanium, AlTiN coating can provide a high surface hardness than TiAlN coating, so it is a high speed and a viable option layer processing.

4, (CrN) chromium nitride layer

CrN coating resistance excellent adhesion makes it prone to cumulative processing becomes the preferred coating. After this almost invisible layer of paint, HSS or carbide and forming tools of machining performance tools will significantly improve.