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Principle and application of titanium vacuum ion plating

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

First, the PVD (TI) technology and its application

Technology PVD (physical vapor deposition) at the end of 1970 of the 20th century, began to be used in the improvement of the mechanical properties of hard films, preparation of thin film with high hardness, low coefficient of friction and stability very good abrasion resistance chemical and so on. Initially in the field of steel, high-speed tool successfully attracted great attention of tool industry around the world, in parallel with the development of high performance and high reliability of equipment, cemented carbide, ceramics in a tool for a more in-depth study of the application of the lining of the coat. Without adversely affecting the PVD processes on the environment, in line with the development trend of modern green manufacturing.

Process of titanium coating temperature below 100 ~ 500℃, titanium coating process can be used for a wide range of material base layer, not only with a variety of decorative effects, most importantly the use of technology PVD enables coatings with excellent physical and chemical properties, substantially improved substrate physical properties such as hardness and coefficient of friction.

Second, the characteristics of the ion of vacuum coating technology and application

Vacuum ion plating, Titanium is the application of PVD technology.