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What has changed the surfaces of titanium processing tool

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

What has changed the surfaces of titanium processing tool?

All manufacturers know you was engaged in electroplating plating, the tool surface coated titanium after processing what would have changed? below the factory from professional electroplating for its explanation:

After many years of professional experience in the company's main products: Titanium coated metal, die casting, stamping mould Ti titanium plating mold, drawing die with titanium coated, punch needle you, thimble Ti, TI accessory, chrome-plated die, stamping die you. Processing of Dong Guan TI and Titanium Nitride, auxiliary device of PVD coating with titanium coating.

Clad in titanium die, mould mixed electroplating coating, vacuum plating of the ion (PVD) is a widely used industrial superhard thin film technology, with its high hardness, low wear, low friction coefficient and high resistance to corrosion, anti adhesive such as superior performance are widely used in industry. For many years, the factory, with its unique concept of service to win customers agree that the vacuum ion plating company has many years of experience in the production, widely implemented feature films is now including: Titanium Nitride (TiN), nitride chrome (CrN), (TiAlN), ticn (TiCN), nitrogen, titanium aluminium nitride (CrCN) chromium Carbide.