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Basic knowledge of diamond processing diamond grinding wheel

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Diamond wheel aka "diamond, vitrified 1A1 wheel diamond grinding wheels in parallel", is a kind of diamond grinding wheels, widely used in the processing of diamonds, the names being acquired apply polishing of natural diamond, you can take the place of polycrystalline diamond (PDC), then, let us know features of diamond grinding wheel:

Abrasive: refer to diamond and CBN variety model. Diamond, as the sources are divided into two categories: natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Also according to different requirements and characteristics, or according to the form of the abrasive and is divided into several different treatment methods. Selection General bonded abrasives diamond synthetic resin, most of flaky era, low resistance, fragile, surface roughness, but low prices; CBN with moderate intensity and variety of clothes of silvery metal.

Size: refers to abrasive particle size size tags. According to the abrasive used requirements, using water and sieved selective in various lengths of various sizes. Particle size 40 μ m thickness, method multi-tamizado as its size is divided into 25 size is recorded as: narrow range: 16/18 ~ 325/400 range: 16/20 ~ 60/80.