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Classification which diamond tools?

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

With land development, diamond tools have been widely used. Diamond (Diamond Tools) tools is a regime of bonded diamond (diamond) or made in some form, structure, size and tools (CBN) cubic Boron Nitride for the processing of the product.

If the use of diamond grinding tools tools can be divided into diamonds, cutting tools, tools, diamond tools, Diamond Diamond drilling tools preparation.

Classification which tools of diamond? Below is a brief introduction to several categories of diamond tools.

1, abrasive: including diamond, grinding wheels, rollers, roller, grinding wheel, grinding wheels, etc.;

2, cutting tools: class of mainly blades for saws, including band saw, rope saw, pipe saws, band saws, wire saws, thread, etc.;

3, drilling tools: geological and metallurgical, petroleum, thin wall engineering drills drill bits low electroplating, stone drills, drill bits, glass drill bit;

4 other tools: trim, tools, dies, etc.