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Diamond saw blade, diamond saw blade heat treatment process

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Diamond saw blade, diamond saw blade heat treatment process, mainly of diamond saw blade used for cutting hard and brittle stone, is one of the main tools for the production of stone natural, using traditional abrasives and equipment will have a series of issues, such as the quality, robustness, peeling and excessive production costs and so on. It could not win the competition and profit. In order to obtain greater efficiency you are looking for a new device, these devices are designed often for the use of abrasive tools. In white refinement of cast and forged many processes that reduce the production of parts.

Using new materials require toothache diamond or sideboard, arenas with a dressing of diamond wheel grinding. Diamond wheel of calculation of cutting of shaped design rather cumbersome, so some frequent production use approximate calculation some parts of the tree of camshaft and crankshaft and round parts of brakes and stands, now it can be deleted or forging forming, high speed polishing or process of fine processing, high speed processing, it can significantly reduce of rough material to finished pieces of time , not too much space, or unreasonable heat treatment technology is carried to China currently many manufacturers diamond cut diamond, and diamond pads and wheels saw high production levels and product quality is not the main reason. The cylinder of copper or aluminum made of single crystal cut diamond slot tip eventually almost ideal cutting material in the field of ultra-precision machining applications.