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Level of diamond cutting and Control technology of grinding wheel

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Diamond cut tablets because of its good performance, widely application Yu several high-performance hard brittle material of precision and super precision polishing processing in, but due to the diamond wheel from poor and easy jam of strong sex and grinding processing easy produced by eccentric wheel caused the vibration of tension force , effect of stability and artifacts of milling surface, limiting the polishing process has thus diamond wheel cutting pills of normal use for need to dress often. Approach of conventional mechanical adjustment cutting long, difficult, low-efficiency, accuracy is not high. Therefore the development of high efficiency and high precision of level of diamond grinding wheel becomes hard and brittle materials and ultra precision, high speed and high efficiency grinding grinding, grinding, grinding automation of key technologies.

Based on the principle of Piezoelectric ceramic micro-desplazamiento, car technology application of precision in the machining of continuous assisted discharge in gas control systems are studied. Designs include single-chip, pzt handling power, signal and detection circuits and driver module of step motor to continuous discharge-assisted flow machining processing control system.

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