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Natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds diamonds

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Basic properties of synthetic single crystal is similar to natural crystals, the product quality is stable at present, and with the cost of physical material greater than the natural diamond and restricts its application in the tool. Artificial polycrystalline diamond is made up of many fine diamond grain size composition, and diamond is the main ingredient, known as polycrystalline Crystal or poly. Polycrystalline diamond composite compound is a superhard material carbide, combines high hardness of diamond and carbide of high resistance in one, with easy welding and characteristics of polycrystalline diamond. Diamond tools (including tool coated film) and is mainly used for various non-metal and non-ferrous materials, turning, milling, drilling, punching and other processes. Plastics hard, building materials, such as wood, glass, fiber, ceramics, refractories, such as copper, zinc and magnesium alloys of aluminum matrix composite materials.

Diamond artificial diamond and natural diamond points, first diamond found Yu India, currently world material harder Shang, Mo hardness 10. Since it has many excellent mechanical, except as exterior decoration, in the field of the technology industry also get has wide application, is located in the deep underground in rock of Kimberley in the contain carbon reached elements must concentration Shi, in high temperature and high pressure conditions of carbon Xia elements Crystal and diamond. Scientists, according to this principle, use of carbon (graphite) artificial feedstock caused to graphite at high temperature and pressure conditions for diamond, in order to obtain the more widespread application in the industry.

Crystals without defects and impurities of transparent crystals known as gem grade diamond (diamond), which are mainly used for decoration, 10% of natural diamond - 15%, General Huang Jingui hundreds of times. Crystal defects (such as stains, cracks and inclusions), or because it contains small amounts of other elements of the Interior of glass without blemish color diamond belonging to a motif industrial grade diamond is not ideal, for the manufacture of diamond tools. The tools are generally high-quality diamond