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Preparation of diamond tools should pay attention to what

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

1. before of using her new dressing room of the last exit in the finished food. Many tools of crispy dressing diamond to initiate contact with the grinding wheel, easy to be damaged.

2. angle of the diamond of 10-15 ° preparation tools installed, so that it points to the direction of rotation of the tilt wheel.

3 or clamped firmly installed Dresser preparation tools and tool projection must not be too long.

4. in the case that it is possible, try using coolant. During the time of repair, pour liquid cooling in contact with wheel preparation tool grinding.

5 cut begins, built from the highest point of the wheel, usually half of the wheel.

6. notes that in addition to light. In addition to a maximum depth of, to mess with the exception of: 0.001-0.002 inch. For finishing in addition: 0.0005 to 0.001 inch.

7 it must be within the specified time interval to dress the wheel to prevent wheel Rome what grinding force is increased.

8. inside of the interval of time required, the preparation in the tool holder tool, 1/8 turn to ensure that preparation tools are always acute.

9. when the diamond Dresser blunt or tools or apparent change normally, adjustments and replacement in a timely manner.

10. in accordance with the diameter of the wheel size, choose weight of carats of diamonds (content of pure diamond), greater wheel diameter, greater selection diamond carat value.