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Process of selection of the diamond saw blade cutters

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Diamond saw blade knife head technology overview: drill floor CNC and milling machine industry demand compensation tool for bearings with international advanced level of new references in indexable Kunming machine and hydraulic balancing drill cutting option separate into syllables 7.0 new function and characteristics of NC lathe Shang for processing shaped tooth saw cutting dip large mechanical process of deformation research method in equipment edged drawing the class stereo of disc application parts 1 of NC lathe processing source tool compensation program in North Carolina in the application carbide gun drill introduced function parts industrialization innovation management key tool of thought except the transistor zoom device structure UG of production costs of heavy group called file name recommended II era "China patent award excellent resistance super high temperature of forging mould material in" the success of the development of Taiwan PLC control and perfect combined movement has PLC function of the motion controller of 4 axes, bouquet also fear intelligent NC system deep alley: new trend of NC technology development [Label: label] 1. Dang diamond grain degrees select rough diamond grain degrees and degrees only grain Shi, they saw tablets head sharp knife, saw cutting efficiency, but diamond caking of bending resistance decreased; Diamond Dang fine grain grades or grades of grain weight mixed Shi, tablets knife durable head high degrees, the Sierra but less efficient. Taking into account the above factors, 50/60 mesh diamond select is more appropriate. 1. selection of diamond size diamond coarse granularity of grain and when a single particle, sharp saw blades, high cutting efficiency, binder of resistance to bending of the diamond saw diamond or thick fine particle size, size of mixed particles, blade high durability, but they are less efficient. Taking into account the above factors, 50/60 mesh diamond select is more appropriate.