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Resin abrasive diamond correct Save method

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Diamond wheels resin are not available in stores in its rolling movements to avoid cracks, damages, not subject to strong vibrations of the surface and shocks, then describe that detailed polishing wheel storage tips resin:

Machining of hard and brittle materials resin diamond wheels main has a various resin stone sawing and numerical products, despite the application of various tools and different processing characteristics, but wear mechanisms are approximately equal, resin Emery wheel storage space must be kept dry, temperature, avoid mixing with other chemicals. Prevent the wheel from moisture, cold, heat and erosion reduced the intensity of harmful chemicals.

Wheels manufacturing precision, using manufacturing technology of diamond wheels covered with resin, stable production of high precision and complex surfaces rollers, shelf life reaches 2 ~ 5 million, storage time should not exceed the validity of the grinding wheel in the grinding wheel, resin and rubber bonus from the date of delivery, if more than one year subject to the Rotary test until they can be used.