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What is the hardness of the wheel as polished diamond?

Danyang Daming tools S.L. | Updated: Jul 16, 2015

Hardness of diamond grinding wheel with a soft hard shows that different degrees of hardness in grains of hardness of the wheel, diamond grinding wheel selection, to pay attention to the correct hardness, if too much, not fall wear debris produces lot of heat and burn the workpiece if the wheel is too soft, the debris will fall too fast and not completely effective. So, what is the hardness of diamond grinding wheel measuring method?

1 work harder, softer diamond grinding wheels.

2 diamond grinding wheel and the largest part smooth wheel surface selection.

3 milling and grinding should be selected when you wheel abrasive, to maintain the required shape of the grinding wheel.

4. mesh size of grain and hardness of diamond grinding wheel selection: a higher granularity of diamond grinding wheel to prevent wheel clogged with debris, usually choose a soft grinding wheels.

5. grinding of soft materials such as non-ferrous metals, rubber, resin, must choose a soft abrasive diamond wheels.