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Double end bit

Double end bit

Drill bit HSS's two producto:HSS Extremosdescripcion torque drill torque, double extremosMolido4341, 9341, M2, M35, M423.0mm-6.5mmBlanco, titanizado, color of the arco iris, white, black and bla

Product Details

Drill bit HSS of torsion of both ends

Product description:
HSS drill torque, double extreme
3.0 mm-6.5 mm
White, titanizado, color of the arco iris, white, black and white and zirconium, black, Brown, etc.
118 ° or 135 °

* These drills have flutes and the points cut at both ends. This allows the user with the ability to reverse the drill and use both ends.
* Drilling of two ends back 135 °
* volume of single Auger end twice.
* Used mainly in small teams of machine and automatic body to drill holes for selftapping screws or rivets.
* for drilling plates thin, steel sheet, sheet brass, aluminium foil and plastic sheets.

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